Meet the modular website compiler

A static site generator like no other

Phenomic is a modular website compiler that helps you to build static websites, with a modern approach: you will make your website the same way you build an app.

A website built with things you like

Phenomic is different from other SSG by allowing you to pick the technologies, libraries, frameworks of your choice and build your website with it. You can decide the renderer you want to use (like React), your bundler (like Webpack) and so on. If the solution you are looking for is not implemented yet, Phenomic accepts plugins so you can bring your own flavor!.

A static website, 100% SEO friendly

When development is done, Phenomic will help you to produce for you static files that you can deploy on any static hosting (HTML, CSS and JavaScript files). The result will be an SEO friendly website (all pages built and can be served as HTML files) and optimised for fast browsing (after the first HTML page, JavaScript files will handle client side navigation and only download what is necessary without full pages reload).

A website with lightning fast UX

This way you offer the best user experience by immediately serving pre-generated HTML for first visits (or all pages, for search engine bots and browsers that don't interpret JavaScript) and then using the power of JavaScript you avoid full page reload by only downloading small chunks of data for each pages & interactions.

Phenomic ♥️ JAMStack

Phenomic completely embraces the JAMStack way of building websites and apps that delivers better performance, higher security, lower cost of scaling, and a better developer experience.