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CLI commands

CLI installation

⚠️ We recommend you not to install Phenomic CLI as a global package on your OS.

As shown in tutorials, we recommend you to install this package locally to your project and use aliases in your package.json.

  : ,
  devDependencies: {
    @phenomic/cli: ^1.0.0-beta.2,
    @phenomic/core: ^1.0.0-beta.2,
  scripts: {
    start: phenomic start,
    build: phenomic build,
    preview: phenomic preview

CLI commands


This command starts the development server. It will show you the address you should use to see your website and will show you additional informations like bundler status, content api messages etc.


This command starts the static build process and will render all possibles urls (according to your routes and queries) in your outdir folder.


This command starts the static build process (exactly like build command) and also directly serve the result. Address will be displayed to you. This is handy to have a preview of what the result will looks like on your static server as you may sometimes encounter minor differences between development server and static build.

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